Is a record player a good gift? (Answered!)

A record player is a great gift because it’s a timeless classic. Everyone loves music and the sound of vinyl records.

There’s nothing like listening to your favorite songs on a vintage turntable, especially when you have to get up off the couch and flip them over manually!

It’s also an easy way for kids to start learning about music without screens. And if you’re in the market for one yourself, this article will help you find the perfect one to buy or give as a gift.

Why a record player is a great gift?

A lot of us regret getting rid of vinyl and our record players 25 years ago, but vinyl is making a huge comeback!

This is why a special someone would enjoy getting a record player as a gift. For example, you could gift the briefcase-style record player, which is affordable and comes with built-in speakers.

Here are a few great reasons to give a record player as a gift:

  • Sound: the sound of vinyl is a unique and powerful way to experience music
  • Warmth: you can feel the warmth of the record player in your hands.  It has a smooth tone and doesn’t use electricity so it won’t cause any damage
  • Nostalgia: turntables bring back memories from when we were kids, making them great gifts for parents and grandparents
  • Warm up activity: many people opt to give turntables as engagement presents because they are an easy icebreaker…and a fun one

How do I choose a good record player?

The first step is to determine what type of records you plan on playing. This will help you figure out if you need a belt-driven or direct drive turntable.

  • Belt driven: this style works best for playing your mix tapes, due to the fact that it has a larger motor
  • Direct drive: this style is better for DJ’s but sounds great when listening to vinyl records at home

Once you have determined which type of record player you want choose one with built-in speakers so there’s no need to purchase additional equipment.  Just plug it in and start playing!

Why are record players making a comeback?

The sound of vinyl never dies, and people are getting back into the groove.

In fact, according to a Nielsen Music Report released last year “the genre experienced a 25 percent surge in total album consumption”.  And that’s not all – the “Sales Share of Vinyl Albums Reaching Retail” is at its highest level since 1991.

While some may think that the resurgence is due to hipsters who want to stand out from the crowd record players make a great gift for anyone looking for something unique and nostalgic.

Record player gift ideas!

We’ve selected three amazing turntables, so no matter what their budget is there will be something for everyone.  

There are plenty of other great gifts on our site too – because nothing says ‘I love you like a piece of music equipment that’ll last a lifetime!

List of suggested products:

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This suitcase-style turntable is a lovely vintage design that will appeal to your hipster friends and family members. It has good sound quality built-in and it’s very affordable

Why would you give a record player as a gift?

It’s an easy way for kids to start listening to music without screens.  

You won’t have to worry about purchasing additional equipment because most record players come with built-in speakers.  

Some record players even come with Bluetooth compatibility, so they can easily connect to the person’s phone.

Most importantly, it is a great way for people who love music to feel nostalgic about their childhood years

Is a record player a good birthday present?

It would be if you get them one of the best record players.

And don’t forget to get at least one record to go with it, like an album they really love!

Why does a record player make a great birthday gift?

Some people think it is weird to give music-related birthday gifts, but we think it’s awesome!  Heck, you probably got some sort of music-related birthday gift when you were little.

Anyways, here are some reasons why we say that:

It’s unique and personal; most people just download or stream their tunes these days.

They’re not one of those boring things that everyone has already bought for themselves It says ‘I love you in a very special way.

It can encourage them to get back into vinyl collecting/listening because the whole experience starts from the moment they open up the package.

And what better way to listen to your favorite albums than on a record player?