best record player for teenager

The Best Record Player For A Teenager: Top 5

The world of spinning vinyl is not just for us older audiophiles who were lucky enough to grow up with a turntable anymore.  

Kids are into them too, and we can understand why.  In fact in their world everything is streamed instantly and very little is a physical copy for them to play. 

It’s exciting to see the younger generation help revive vinyl records again and help stage a comeback.

So let’s talk about getting your teenager a record player.  

All things considered, including price, size, sound and style, this buyers guide has everything you need to select the best record player for a teenager.

In a Hurry?  Here are our Top Favorites…

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Best Record Player For Teenager

#1. Victrola Suitcase Record Player

Here is an a great beginner record player that would be suitable for anyone just getting into vinyl.

Victrola is a name in the record playing industry that goes back over a 100 years.

Victrola has made a perfect all-in-one portable record player with built-in speakers.  Everything you need to play records right out of the box.  This comes in over 30 different styles to fit your personality.

What I like:

  • Small and portable, perfect for bedroom or dorm-room.  Take it anywhere!
  • Speakers built-in, you can start playing immediately
  • Control, volume and speed and auto stop
  • Color options – choose a style that fits you
  • Stream music and play out of the records speakers
  • The Price is perfect!

What I don’t like:

  • This might not be loud enough for some people or even full of bass.  But there are solutions, this unit has the ability to connect to larger speakers if you desire.
My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

#2. Wockoder Record Player

This record player by Wockoder sounds great for its size and its portable if you want to move it from around.  For a young teenager, this is another great option for several reasons.  It has the speakers, the amp the turntable all in one with a dust cover!

It’s a beautiful antique wood design that compliments the room.  It’s also not big and bulky.  The sound is an improvement from the Victrola and if the speakers aren’t doing it for you, you can plug them into a bigger system or the plug headphones in.  This record play is great for your teenager or yourself, I’m a big fan, it oozes nostalgia.

What I like:

  • High-quality sound
  • Control, speed, pitch, volume
  • Plays 3 speeds 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM
  • No Skipping thanks to the spring and rubber pads built-in
  • Vintage look with modern sound

What I don’t like:

  • I don’t like this being advertised as a Bluetooth record player, it’s only a Bluetooth input.  Other than that, this is a wonderful record player.
My Rating:
4.1 out of 5

#3. SeeYing Record Player

SeeYing portable record player and radio reminds of the player I had in school.  It has a hard plastic feel to it which was very common for boomboxes and shelf stereos that we all had back then.

This SeeYing has an FM radio on it, as well as the record player, and bluetooth input.  What also makes this player different  is the speakers are on the sides, one to left and one to the right.  Giving the sound a-little more of sound ambience.

It is small and portable, and would make a great gift for anyone, maybe even a fathers day gift.  I could see this being put into the garage or man-cave.

What I like:

  • It’s portable
  • Shock absorption to enhance the sound
  • Speakers on the side to give it more depth
  • Sound is pretty good for a portable
  • FM Radio, because sometimes you need that

What I don’t like:

  • Im not a fan of the plastic look.
My Rating:
4.2 out of 5


Voksun has a really cool looking turntable with powered speakers all in wood.  This player also comes with an Audio-Technica stylus, which many of this players come with something a-little cheaper.  So it’s nice to have a good needle to play records.

A truly high-end record player, that is still portable.  If you think you might need more sound, more bass, the Voksun turntable  has it.  

What I like:

  • The record needle is an Audio-Technica, great sound
  • It’s small, but powerful
  • The speakers sound really great
  • The vintage wood look

What I don’t like:

There is not much I don’t like about this record player, but if I have to fins something I would say it’s a little pricier, but worth it.

My Rating:
4.8 out of 5

#5. Crosley Suitcase Turntable

Of all the portable turntables, Crosley cruiser is one of the more popular ones.  And that may be because they make LOTS of colors and designs.  

You may have noticed these cool looking briefcase record players wrapped in denim or a nice pantone color before.  It seems like that is what Crosley excels in, hip culture vibes.

It has everything you want in a record player and some.  They have been bringing stylish turntables worldwide for the past 20 years now. 

Crosley has so many designs and colors it’s hard not to like! 

What I like:

  • The case, it closes shut and it can be taken anywhere
  • Plays all speeds (33, 45, & 78 RPM)
  • Lots of styles to choose from
  • Everything you need in this box
  • It’s by far the most affordable record player

What I don’t Like:

  • The sound isn’t great, but it’s not terrible
  • The needle bounces, so i had to tape a coin on it to weigh it down
My Rating:
4.6 out of 5

Consider this before buying a turntable

  1. Whether you are new to record players or returning to it, this process can be a little intimidating.

    With 100’s to choose from, the problem comes down to which one is going to be the best.

    A few things to think about:

    1. Small and portable is a nice option, the suitcase version travel the best, while many others are small enough to transport.
    2. Most record players play 33 and 45, while some also play 78’s.  The most common is 33 for LP records, and 45’s play the 7″ singles.
    3. All these turntables have speakers built-in with the option to output to a bigger speakers.
    4. These record players won’t play to a bluetooth speaker.  They only can play your smartphone device as the speaker.  

FAQ Section

Is the record player a good gift?

If you have a music lover you want to buy a gift for, a record player will make a nice one!  They are perfectly in budget ranging from $35-60 dollars.  If that person doesn’t own any records, pick one up to go with it.  They will be sure to LOVE it!

Will a cheap turntable damage your records?

There have been many discussions regarding budget turntables and if they damage vinyl.  After doing research I can see no evidence of them ruining your vinyl. It’s normal for records to show grove wear after lots of play.  

A higher-end turntable will be more accurate and balanced with a better tone arm and stylus.

Final Verdict

There is nothing more satisfying than putting a record on and playing it.  The snap, the pops, the sound it makes right before the music starts is such a soothing sound that brings back many memories.

There is no doubt that your teenager will love the same things about why we love vinyl. These are great beginner record players for any teenager to start out with and I’m sure they would love any of them as their first turntable.