My love for vinyl records goes back to my early childhood.  That was the norm back then, how lucky I was.  Later in life, when technology changed I have to admit it was exciting at first.  I remember my first CD and I remember my first CD walkman.  It was really nice because you could repeat a song instantly, and back then my obsession for 1 song was immense.  That was a nice feature as a young high school kid.

Around 2-3 years later after lots of people got rid of the big bulky stereo system/turntables is when I was able to buy my friend’s mom’s pioneer turntable for $25.  I was pumped, and I slowly started to build my record collection up.

Around 10 years later is when I purchased my first Jukebox, now was a whole new world of record spinning and since then I have 3 of them.

Why Records?

A record is your music, it is a piece of art, it is an expression but it also is a better format for listening to analog music.  It sounds bigger and better.  No soft plastic sounds of perfectly polished digital sound.  Especially the older records, that stuff is so good and raw, like seeing the band live.

I’m glad there has been a second-round or revival of vinyl.  Thanks to record store day and musicians like Jack White for bringing back the factories that make them.

Once considered a dead format, vinyl has had a huge increase in popularity in the last few years.  It’s always been popular with DJs and people who are into underground alternative music.  Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and Indie bands continued releasing vinyl all throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s even when everybody was buying CDs and the digital music era began.

The popularity of records is a very welcome change for the record labels and bands alike.  A band can release the same album on 5 different colors and die-hard collectors will scramble to get one of each.  Plus you can’t illegally download vinyl.  So everybody wins.

Why make a website for a record player?

I like to encourage and recommend people look into getting a record player for themselves.  Putting together a website has helped my close friends and family and lots of people I don’t know buy their first turntable.

With technology advancing in the turntable world, it makes it much more convenient to spin records at home.  Years ago you needed a giant system, now they make record players with built-in speakers or even Bluetooth capability to play out of your external speaker.  There are LOTS to choose from.

Finding the Right Turntable

Finding the best record player for you can be a difficult and confusing process.  Most “big box” stores don’t carry them anymore, so the internet has become a popular place to find turntables for sale.  Here are a few things you might consider when buying a record player:

Price Range

This is a tricky subject because some people think you need to spend several hundred dollars to get a good quality turntable.  This really isn’t true.  In fact, the record player with the highest rating on Amazon right now costs less than $100.  If you’re a DJ or an audiophile, you’ll need a more pricey alternative though.

Direct Drive or Belt Drive

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these terms, “direct-drive” means that the platter of the turntable is driven directly by a motor.  A “belt drive” means that the platter is connected to a rubber belt pulley which is turned by a small motor.

Each type has its own advantages.  Belt-driven turntables are much cheaper and the rubber belt helps absorb motor vibrations which can translate to the record.  Direct drive tables have better torque and are necessary for things like DJing.  Without getting too technical, direct-drive tables usually have a pitch control which allows you to fine-tune the record speed, which is useful for DJ “beat matching”.

Should You Get a USB Turntable?

Whether you’re new to collecting vinyl or you have an old collection of records, the USB turntable might be exactly what you’re looking for.  You can connect it directly to your computer and import those records right into your iTunes or onto a CD.  Or perhaps you prefer the traditional stereo turntable hooked up to your receiver.  Pretty much every USB record player has stereo outputs.  Either way, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here.


If you are hesitating to buy a record player, I understand, but I hope I can help.  Please check out my articles and guides and fee free to contact me with any questions, I would be happy to help you find the one for you.